SL Book HR Payroll

SL Book HR and Payroll intended to suit essential finance pre requisites while staying easy to utilize. The vast majority of the subtle elements such salary, derivation, and commitment sums are overseen amid set up instead of in your everyday operations. With the adaptability of this module, you can have day by day, week after week, every other week, fortnightly or regularly scheduled payroll interval for both salaried and hourly representatives. Toward the finish of every month, quarter and year, finance reports can be printed from the date put away inside the database.

In the house, finance readiness can be a monotonous and tedious assignment. Notwithstanding keeping up representative data, you have to keep up nitty gritty review trails, track collections, for example, get-away and wiped out time, and meet government revealing prerequisites. This can be effortlessly dealt with at a lower cost than utilizing an outside finance benefit department when you utilize the SL Book HR and Payroll module.

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Features/Function Highlights

  • Integrated with General Ledger and Labor Processing modules
  • Create payroll from time cards, manually, or automatically based on last pay date
  • Ability to create bonus checks at any time
  • Multiple user-defined benefits and deductions per employee
  • Ability to categorize employees by employee type for easier maintenance and for reporting purposes
  • On line historical notes on employee information for each employee
  • Supports overtime, holiday pay, advances, base pay, and miscellaneous charges
  • Tracks vacation time and sick time accruals and payment of these hours
  • Benefits and deductions can be fixed amounts, percentage of gross or variable amounts
  • Customizable pay periods and pay methods
  • Supports all standard deductions as well as user-defined deductions
  • Ability to pay employees via Direct Deposit/Intermediate Deposit
  • Provides detailed reporting on history, wages, benefits, deductions and obligations
  • Flexibility to run reports by department, employee type, job code, or individual employee